End of year exam


VCE-ers, whilst exams are not your favourite topic it is important to discuss what will be on your end of year exam. We’re just going to go over few important things to remember and many of these tips are applicable for all of your subjects. To get a good idea of what the exam looks like, you can use Engage’s free practice exams, available from ee.org.au or go to the VCAA website – vcaa.vic.edu.au – to look at exams from previous years.


Your end of year exam is worth 50% of your total study score – with the other 50% coming from your SACs. The exam is made up of 15 minutes reading time and 2 hours of writing time and based off all content addressed in Units 3 and 4 of the Study Design. The exam is worth 65 marks and questions can vary between 1 and 10 marks. The exam has usually included one 10 mark question.


Many of the exam questions will include a case study or a scenario will accompany many questions in the exam. It is important to include the case studies and scenarios in your responses as examples and ensure your answers are relevant and appropriate to the given scenario.


If you want to do really well, it is also important to read the Study Design (which can be found on the VCAA website) as that outlines exactly what you do and don’t need to know.


But the most important thing you can do for preparation is to complete practice exams. Not only is this the best way of giving you some idea of what you do and don’t know but it will help you become familiar with understanding how VCAA phrases questions.