Organising refers to the process of defining the relationship between staff and tasks so that all of the resources of an organisation are working towards its objectives. It involves the structuring of an organisation’s human, physical and financial resources to get the results it wants.

Elements of Organising

  1. Division of labour, which refers to dividing jobs between individuals and/or groups who are then assigned responsibility for performing them.
  2. Delegation of Authority referring to distributing authority to employees, determining how much authority will be given to each employee.
  3. Span of Control, which refers to the number of people for whom a manager is directly responsible. In organising employees and delegating authority, managers must determine the “Span of Control” for each employee with management responsibilities.
  4. Coordination, meaning the organising the various sections, departments and/or work units so that all employees are working together and aiming to meet the LSOs objectives.

The Organisation Process (Resource & Task Allocation Techniques)

It’s a multi step process that involves:

  1. Determining what work is needed to achieve objectives of the organisation
  2. Allocate tasks to individuals or teams within the organisation
  3. Combining or aggregating tasks in a logical and efficient manner
  4. Setting up departments to coordinate the work
  5. Monitoring the effectiveness of the organisation and making adjustments to structure as required.