Acknowledging the opposing argument

Also referred to as discussing the opposing side of the issue or considering alternative viewpoints.


For example: While wind turbines are a green energy source in that they don’t produce carbon emissions, the same cannot be said of the materials needed to produce them and the production process.

Effect on reader

By discussing any opposition to a piece’s contention, the writer is consequently positioned to undermine them. This gives the writer the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the issue at hand and point out flaws in the logic of the opposing viewpoint. In this way the writer preempts objections to their argument and deals with them before the reader has a chance to deem their writing one-sided or narrow minded.

Further, discussing any opposition may be persuasive because of the way it changes the reader’s perception of the writer. This technique shows that the writer is a level-headed individual who has not rashly jumped to one conclusion without consideration for the other. This is therefore another technique which re-positions the writer to potentially appear more logical and well informed on the issue than the reader.