Step graphs

Step graphs are a kind of line segment graph whereby each segment is a horizontal line.

In step graphs, open circles are used to represent that the value is not included in the interval. On the other hand, closed circles indicates that the value is included in the interval.


When mailing a package within the state, the costs for the weight of the package is calculated as follows:

  • $8.25 Up to and including 500g
  • $13.40 less than 3kg
  • $17.10 less than 5kg

Draw a step graph of the cost (C) versus the weight (W) of a parcel.

This information can be reinterpreted as the following:

  • $8.25 for 0 < W \leq 0.5
  • $13.40 for 0.5 < W \leq 3
  • $17.10 for 3 < W \leq 5
step graphs

From this graph, it can be observed that a parcel weighing 0.5kg would cost $8.25 to post. however, a parcel weighing 0.51kg would cost $13.40 to post. A parcel weighing 4kg would cost $17.10 to post.

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