Types of Graphs

  • Simple Graph: Only one edge between a pair of vertices.

Simple Graph

Essential Further Mathematics 4ed 2012 (Q’s 2(b))

  • Planar Graph: Edges on the graph ONLY intersect at the vertices. i.e. there is no crossing over between other edges.
  • Connected Graph: A graph where all the vertices are linked together. There is no isolated vertex.
Connected Graph

Essential Further Mathematics 4ed 2012 (Q’s 2(e))

  • Complete Graph: All vertices are connected to each other.
  • Tree: A type of connected graph, where there are no loops or circuits.
  • Bi-partite Graph: Type of directed graph that are used to represent a relationship between two distinct set of data.
  • Undirected Graph: A graph where the direction for each edge does not matter.
  • Directed Graph: A graph where direction is indicated for every edge.