Values that underpin the Australian healthcare system

The Australian healthcare system has seven values that lay a foundation for its priorities and how it works, to maximise its effectiveness.

We can remember the seven values by thinking of ‘CARE S.E.S.’.   The seven values say that the healthcare system should be:

  • Continuous: provide coordinated, uninterrupted care across different practitioners and organisations over time
  • Accessible: healthcare should be available to all regardless of income, location or culture
  • Responsive: treat clients with dignity and confidentiality, and encourage them to participate in choices about their care
  • Effective: care should achieve its aims and improve the client’s health
  • Safe: minimise possible risks associated with care
  • Efficient: achieve results with most cost-effective use of resources
  • Sustainable: able to respond to the population’s future needs, and able to sustain the workforce and infrastructure in the future

There used to be two more values, capable and appropriate, but don’t learn or write them for this subject!

You should be able to:

  • describe any of these values
  • identify how they are shown in a case study