VicHealth is the Victorian government’s public health branch. They aim to promote good health and minimise risk of chronic disease.


You should know VicHealth’s five commitments that make up their mission, and be able to identify how VicHealth programs reflect these commitments:

  • in partnership with others, we promote good health
  • we recognise that the social and economic conditions for all people influence their health
  • we promote fairness and opportunity for better health
  • we support initiatives that assist individuals, communities, workplaces and broader society to improve wellbeing
  • we seek to prevent chronic conditions for all Victorians

Strategic Priorities

You should know VicHealth’s five priorities, and be able to identify how programs target these priorities. Remember ‘EAT AM’, or ‘PEPPI’!

  • promoting healthy eating
  • encouraging regular physical activity
  • preventing tobacco use
  • preventing harm from alcohol
  • improving mental wellbeing


VicHealth contributes to health promotion through 4 main approaches:

  • multipartisan support – VicHealth maintains support by all the major political parties, so no matter who is in power in the Victorian government, VicHealth can advise the government.
  • a widespread, inclusive approach – think building healthy public policy and creating supportive environments. VicHealth aims to foster conditions which encourage and cultivate good health.
  • innovation – work is based on evidence and is evaluated and practiced.
  • partnerships – VicHealth works with governments, organisations, community groups, and individuals, across many sectors (research, urban planning, education, sport, etc.) – reorienting health services

VicHealth projects reflect the social model of health, as they believe that preventing chronic illness and promoting health is made effective by targeting various determinants that lead to ill health, not just biological ones.