The Proclamation Act 1763

The Proclamation Act 1763 was a a Royal Proclamation was announced by King George III in order to restrict the expansion of American colonists beyond the Appalachian Mountains.

After the raids of Pontiac’s Rebellion, Royal Proclamation was announced by King George III. The raids themeselves were as a result of British policies including: treatment of natives as a conquered people, settlement expansion (lost lands) and cutting back of gifts. The raids caused a shift in British policy to satisfy natives. This angered many American colonists who after the war desired the cheap and fertile land that lay in these expansive areas. Both the elite class such who comprised as land speculators, namely George Washington and so too Benjamin Franklin, and the lower class who desired greater independence through land ownership were affected. The Lockean ideals of liberty (through geographical expansion) were undermined also.

Moreover, it created widespread dissent as it ended the notion of salutary neglect which had been in operation for 150 years.