World War One

Throughout World War One (which began in 1914) Russia was ill-equipped and suffered horrific casualties. During the War the Russian army suffered more than nine million casualties. Russia had poor supply of weapons. The Russian Army retreated in1915 in the face of a united German-Austrian advance. In 1916 the June Offensive occurred which allowed an initial advance which was eventually stopped. As a result of funding directed towards the war by 1917, the Russian economy was on the verge of collapse. As the economy was geared towards producing war equipment and all supplies were being sent to the front, there were food shortages in the cities that caused discontent. This acted as a contributing factor to the February Revolution. The discontent which existed enabled Bolsheviks to spread propaganda and convert soldiers which contributing to the October Revolution. As the Duma felt that the Tsar could not win the War, the upper class elite began to withdraw their support for the regime. Therefore both the upper and lower classes held discontent directed towards the Tsar and thus desired revolutionary change.