July Days

The July Days of 1917 was a direct cause of the June Offensive. It led to a government crisis as a result of the Cadets walking out of the Provisional Government. At the time, anti-war feeling was at its height and was intensified as a result of the failed June Offensive. This led to violent protests which became riots. Soldiers and workers marched with banners reading ‘All Power to the Soviets’. The Bolsheviks gave leadership in order to create organisation amongst the masses. The authorities instituted measures such as the deployment of troops, the disarming of workers and carrying out of arrests to stop the demonstrations. In addition the offices and printing plant of Pravda and the headquarters of the Bolshevik Central Committee were destroyed and there was an order for Lenin’s arrest. Lenin went into exile in order to escape arrest. Many other Bolshevik leaders were also arrested such as Trotsky. The suppression of the demonstrations marked the end of dual power.