On the Tsar

“Tsardom was the sworn enemy of the people”

“In tsarist Russia the capitalist yoke was aggravated by the yoke of tsardom. The workers not only suffered from capitalist exploitation, from inhuman toil, but, in common with the whole people, suffered from a lack of rights.”

On Bloody Sunday

“The streets of St Petersburg ran with workers’ blood… the workers received a bloody lesson…They came to realize that they could win rights only by struggle.”

On the February Revolution

‘The revolution was victorious because its vanguard was the working class which headed the movement of millions of peasants clad in soldiers’ uniform demand ‘peace, bread and liberty’. It was the hegemony of the proletariat that determined the success of the revolution.”

On the October Revolution

“Their thunder ushered in a new era, the era of the Great Socialist Revolution”

“Lenin’s April Theses laid down for the Party a brilliant plan of struggle from the transition from the bourgeois-democratic to the Socialist revolution.”

John Reed

On the October Revolution

“Instead of being a destructive force, it seems to me that the Bolsheviks were the only party in Russia with a constructive programme and the power to impose it on the country.”