Also referred to as right-wing historians. 


On the Tsar

“…while the collapse of tsarism was not inevitable, it was made likely by the deep-seated cultural and political flaws that prevented the tsarist regime from adjusting to the economic and cultural growth of the country, flaws that proved fatal under the pressure generated by World War One.”

On the February Revolution

“The record leaves no doubt that the myth of the Tsar being forced from his throne by rebellious workers and peasants is just that. The Tsar yielded not to a rebellious populace but to generals and politicians.”

On the October Revolution

“The events that led to the overthrow of the Provisional Government were not spontaneous but carefully plotted and staged by a tightly organised conspiracy…October was a classic coup d’état…with a show of mass participation, but with hardly any mass involvement.”

“Communism thus did not come to Russia as the result of a popular uprising: it was imposed on her from above by a small minority hiding behind democratic slogans.”


On Rasputin

“The Rasputin scandal had been a bizarre symptom of the disease affecting Russian politics rather than a cause.”

On the October Revolution

“His (Lenin’s) objectives had not been to win mass support but to create a party capable of seizing power.”