Specific purposes of criminal sanctions

Each criminal sanction specifically targets some, but arguably not others, of the four general purposes of criminal sanctions.


Retribution   Offenders are punished because they must forfeit a monetary sum.Deterrence: offenders may be dissuaded from re-offending due to the threat of paying more money.
 Denunciation  Putting a monetary value on crime shows that it is the wrong way to act.

Community correction order (CCO)

 Retribution  CCOs require offenders to complete work without any financial reward
 Deterrence  The work required in a CCO may deter an offender from re-offending.
 Rehabilitation  Compulsory community work and education programs aim to help the offender to become a valuable member of society, and to change their mindset so that he or she will not want to re-offend.

Home detention

 Retribution  Home detention restricts the physical freedom of the offender.
 Deterrence  The confinement of home detention may dissuade the offender and the general public from committing crime. 
 Protection  The offender is closely. monitored and can only join society in certain, specific circumstances.


 Retribution  Restriction of an offender’s liberty is a form of punishment.
 Deterrence  Imprisonment aims to dissuade the offender and the general public from committing crimes, due to the undesirability of restricted freedom and the prison environment. However, rates of recidivism (re-offending) remain high, so it is questionable as to whether imprisonment achieves this aim. 
Rehabilitation  Some rehabilitation programs operate in prisons, aiming to turn prisoners into capable contributors to society. However, given that imprisonment is primarily a punishment, some argue that it is difficult to effectively rehabilitate prisoners. 
 Protection  By physically confining an offender, the public is protected.
 Denunciation  Restriction of liberty sends a clear message that criminal behaviour is not tolerated.

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